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Slym Gym opened in 2010 as a bodybuilding and weight loss gym. Since we opened we have grown into many aspects of the fitness industry, with that we have dialed in what we feel has lead our clients to their success. Whether your goal is to get on a stage as a competitor or be the best version of yourself that you can be, we can guide you there.

We have over 35 years of fitness experience in the weight loss and muscle building industry. We are NASM certified in Personal Training, Competitors of  the NPC, Certified Nutritionists, and Licensed Massage Therapists. Just some of our many Professional skills.

Slym Gym is a family owned business. We are completely dedicated to the health and wellness of each and every person that enters our gym. All ages (14 & up) are welcome to train with us.

Old school lifting. Learn from the best. Get real results and learn how to maintain once you reach your fitness goals.

Don't let weight lifting intimidate you. You lift for your own personal goals. If it's big you want, big you get. If tone is your desire, tone is what you get. Need flexability, we can help with that. Suffering from a past injury, we can work around it. There is nothing to prevent you from your goals and Slym Gym can help you achieve them.









Slym Gym has a weight room and fitness room. The weight room, as you would imagine, has weights! Barbells, dumbbells, cable and plate loaded machines (and a lot of them!) Check out our Gallery page. We have tred mills, elipticals, arc trainers, stair masters, and stationary bikes.

Mat area for stretching, foam rolling, and Yoga.

**Personal  Training clients have complete access to the gym even when you don't have scheduled a appointment at no extra cost!


Get the confidence you need to take control of your fitness desires and make it your reality

At Slym Gym we are dedicated to teaching our clients how to achieve their fitness goals, no matter what those goals are or what  their individual circumstance is, such as age, injury, weight, get the idea.

You will learn that you really do love working out, because it makes you feel so good and so alive. You're body and mind will crave the weight room, dreaming of it's next visit to it's own personal sanctuary.

Exercises that you at one time hated, have become staples to your workouts because you learned and mastered them and the results have finally started to show. That all due to your motivation and desire to achieve  the greatness you have always had but never able to unleash until now.

Let Slym Gym guide you on your lifetime journey. Contact us today!

A year from now you will wish you did.